Prices for Driving Lessons

If you looking to have a couple of hours of Driving Tuition to better prepare you for Driving here in the UK, let Bewisedriving School help you get familiar on UK roads.

Our friendly DVSA Approved Grade A Driving instructor will help you comply with Uk road standards and regulations and offer a friendly guide in the right direction towards safe motoring in the UK. We will give you an honest assessment of your Driving Abilities and tailor your Driving lessons based on Areas that need improvement.

Did you know that International driving license holders need to pass the UK practical driving test?

More information can be found online at


*In certain countries you can exchange your Driving license for a UK license without the need to take and Pass the UK Practical Driving Test.

Driving Lessons

1 Lesson

£ 40 Per Hour

5 Block

£ 38 Per Lesson

10 Block

£ 36 Per Lesson

Driving Tests

Test Day

£ 85 Day Test

Test Weekend

£ 105 Weekend Test

Test Extended

£ 135 Extended Test


The fees must be paid in advance Or Cash to the Driving instructor.


Offers are only valid during Monday-Friday 9-5pm.

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