Pass Plus Driver Training

Pass Plus is a 6 hour post driving test course designed to help pupils gain confidence in their driving, and in conditions that maybe they were not able to encounter during their lessons.

It also includes a very comprehensive Motorway lesson which covers most types of Motorway conditions that may be encountered in the UK.

Every pupil will receive a progress record and a training report form.

All Pass Plus training must be taken after passing your test within one year, and is mainly aimed at new drivers after passing their test. Your Pass Plus may be kept on hold for two years.

Why should I bother passing this?

As the pupil has completed six hours of training the progress record and training report will be sent to the DSA. The DSA will send the Pass Plus certificate to the student along with details of motor insurance companies who recognize a Pass Plus course for discounted car insurance.

What does Pass Plus entail?

Below are the modules you will be going through:

Module 1

Driving Lesson on Town Driving

The first module starts with an introduction to PASS PLUS, explaining the course aims and the skills and knowledge to be covered.

The second part of the module is a practical session, covering the different features of Learning to drive in town, such as complex junctions and public transport.

You will concentrate on:
Observation, judgment and awareness
Eye contact
Consideration for vulnerable road users
Being cautious but not over cautious
Keeping space around your car.

Module 2

All-Weather Driving

As much of this module as possible should be covered in a practical session. You’ll focus on correct speed, safe stopping distances, plus seeing and being seen in:

Sleet, snow and ice
Mist and fog
Bright sunshine.
Your Driving Instructor will also look at

  • skidding
  • What causes them
  • How to prevent them
  • Correcting slow-speed skids
  • Braking on poor surfaces
  • Aquaplaning

Module 3

Out of Town/ Country Roads

This module taken on country roads, will look at the main differences between town driving and country driving.

You will focus on:
Observing the road ahead
Making progress safely
Bends, hills, uneven roads and dead ground
Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead
Safe overtaking.
It focuses especially on being aware and showing consideration for:
Pedestrians, horse riders and animals in the road
Farm entrances
Slow moving vehicles
Appropriate use of the horn, coping with mud and debris on the road and how to use passing places are also covered

Module 4

Night Driving

This module covers the essential aspects of driving in the dark and also at dawn and dusk.

You’ll learn about:
The importance of the correct use of headlights
Adjusting to the dark
Judging speed and distance
The correct use of lights and keeping them clean
Dealing with dazzle
Road users who can be hard to see
Parking issues

Module 5

Driving Lesson on Town Driving

Dual carriageways are high speed, multi-lane roads where the two carriageways are separated by a central reservation.

They demand particular skills, including:
Effective observation, using your mirrors and checking blind spots
Judgment and planning ahead
The need for a safe separation distance
Joining and leaving a dual carriageway
Overtaking and lane discipline
The correct use of speed

Module 6

Motorway Driving

This module should be a practical session if at all possible. 

We will drive on the M25 and below are the skills we will practice:

Showing you the correct overtaking and lane discipline.
Rejoining and leaving motorways at different speeds
Taking in the information for signs, signals and markings and acting on it
Using your mirrors effectively

Pass Plus Course

£ 160
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