Additional Driving Courses

International/European Students

Passed your Practical Driving Test in Europe?

If you looking to have a couple of hours of Driving Tuition to better prepare you for Driving here in the UK, let Bewise driving School help you get familiar on UK roads.

Our friendly DVSA Approved Grade A Driving instructor will help you comply with Uk road standards and regulations and offer a friendly guide in the right direction towards safe motoring in the UK. We will give you an honest assessment of your Driving Abilities and tailor your Driving lessons based on Areas that need improvement.

Did you know that International driving license holders need to pass the UK practical driving test?*

More information can be found online at


*In certain countries you can exchange your Driving license for a UK license without the need to take and Pass the UK Practical Driving Test.

Intensive Driving courses

The intensive driving course will start with an assessment driving lesson , after which we can arrange your driving course dates and book your driving test if needed. If you haven’t yet passed the theory test we can guide you in regards to which DVD or highway code books to get .

Each day of the course will consist of between one or two 2-hour training sessions with a short break in between each session.

Training will be in accordance with the most current DSA syllabus and the driving test will be arranged as the final hour of your course.


Assessment lesson

To determine the most suitable course package, you’ll first need to complete a two hour assessment lesson with one of our driving instructors. This is also an opportunity for you get to know the instructor and try out the tuition car prior to booking your intensive driving course. The assessment lesson can be taken any time, however we recommend you book it as early as possible, at least 1 month prior to the start date of your course.

Refresher Driving Courses

At BeWise Driving school do Refresher Driving Courses for all types of Pupil, Student or learner.

Refresher Driving courses are great if you have been off the Road for a while, they can help you keep your Insurance down as you will have greater knowledge and experience Driving in all conditions.


Been off the road a while, Nervous and would like to Practise your Driving?
You Failed your Practical Driving Test and would like a second opinion to help you understand what went wrong?
Your a European Driver and would like a couple of hours to get used to the UK roads for work or pleasure?
Your an International Driver need some Driving lessons and Guidance to Pass the UK Practical Driving Test?
You have been Banned from Driving or Disqualified need to do the Extended Practical Driving Test?
Call us at BeWise Driving school, we can help!

Motorway Driver Training

If you have passed your Practical Driving Test and would like a few hours practising all the skills necessary to drive and to learn about travelling on the motorway safety, then ring us at BeWiseDriving school for more information.

You will be learning the following:

Joining and exit safely.
Changing lanes (all 3 lanes).
Using your mirrors in the correct order and why.
More aware of speed 50 mph, 70 mph.
It depends on your location which carriageways and motorways we use

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