I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Barry for being a fantastic instructor and being patient with me. He is friendly, motivates and taught me every skills not just for passing the test but post test. Although, he might appear to be very fussy and picky but he provides lots of ‘tips’ which will forever stay in me such as being proactive, leaning forward or act like a boxer to have a better sight for any anticipate hazards, keep looking right then left then right again like ‘playing tennis’ at the junction, mirror then mirror check, observe your surrounding, you are not driving a fire engine and most importantly keep a cool head. I like his method of preparing you mentally strong and keep the confidence on the test day. On test day, he drove me around for not long but to reinforce some of the driving skills and also to help you to ease your nerves.  I definitely did not regret having him as my driving instructor. During lessons, he will make sure you are at ease and he always provide valuable feedback (both verbally and written form) at the end of each lessons, which I find them extremely helpful, so I can work on those points in the next lesson.

Mr Kew (Passed for the 1st time at Tolworth Test Centre) 24/09/2015


Passed at Tolworth

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