I would like to say a massive thank to you for helping me to pass my test today. Thanks for putting me at ease and supporting me. Honsetly speaking Barry, i cant thank you enough for all of your help and the skills u provided me to get my driving sorted. It would not have been possible for me to pass my test without your great help and kindness. No doubt, you are an excellent instructor. I would recommend you to absolutely everyone, as you were so patience and kind with me, when i made silly mistakes. You really gave me all the confidence i needed. If someone is looking for instructor, who will teach you with respect and will have laugh with you as well, look no further than this excellent person named Barry from bewise driving.

Once again thanks a lot Barry for all of your support and teaching. Thanks


And yeah Thanks for nice and tasty breakfast this morning as well.

Mr Ali Passed At Mitcham Practical Test Centre 13/10/2015

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