Hi Barry, I would like to book some lessons and am lucky enough to have found your details again, as you have taught me in the past when you was apart of a different driving school. We could not continue the lessons as I had to travel to you, as you did not cover my area and then you created you own school; which I must say I looked far and wide to find as I haven’t come close to finding an instructor as knowledgeable and professional as you are. So far I’ve had 20 hours altogether (professionally) and I was thinking to maybe book 10-15 hours with yourself but you will probably advise me if you think I’m ready or not. I now live in coulsdon (CR5) and I hope this is an area you cover as I need to get this rolling now, I work full time and I’m a career, so driving would be helping me a great deal I’ve booked my practical test already and need someone who can honestly help me pass first time and I know you have the ability and knowledge to help me achieve that. Please contact me as soon as possible, as I would like to start lessons immediately.

Kind regards



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