Barry is by far a unique and knowledgeable instructor that not only ensures a 5 star service but a really honest and trustworthy one! Yesterday 13/06/17 I passed my practical test and honest to God if I hadn’t picked back up lessons with Barry I would not be sat here today still pinching myself in shock that I actually passed FIRST TIME! I have come across alot of con artists that make you believe you are test ready and will happily take your money knowing they are lying and Barry is the total opposite. Barry if anything will help you save money he’s so honest, to the point and incredibly helpful. I had bought my own car and had it parked up gathering dust and Barry actually suggested to me that I insure it (he gave me a bunch of insurance companies as I had no idea) and go out driving even if that meant cutting back on lesson as money was a little tight, although I didn’t cut back lessons I took his advice and it allowed me extra time in the seat which was great and allowed me to gain my confidence back quicker after having the worst instructor ever. Barry really is a great person, very easy going (but will give it to you straight) and super easy to get on with if you can’t get on with him something is wrong with you. Barry has helped me gain my confidence again, enabled me to become a happy and safe driver but most importantly got me that pink card first time round and I’m so grateful that I got to work with you again!


I will 100% recommend Barry and BeWise to every single person I come into contact with as Barry’s passion for what he does everyday really shows and it can be accounted for by each of his students as we have achieved greatness in passing first time.


Pass plus here I come!


Thanks again Barry your a star.

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