Barry is a fantastic driving instructor, I only started with him back in May and already he helped me to pass my practical drivingĀ  test.He also helped my brother pass his test earlier on this year. I have also highly recommended Barry to friends who have started to learn with him as well. He has been fantastic from the beginning, he’s been supportive, enthusiastic and has helped me to gain my confidence. He always made time for me especially when coming close to my test. The knowledge his has and the passion to help his students pass is outstanding.


On the first lesson, Barry asked me when would you liked to have passed your test by with my reply being before September. Barry reply was encouraging explaining we can do it !! … I managed to go on and do this, from that belief on the first lesson and the encouragement he gave me throughout helped me to build my confidence and how great of a driving instructor he was.


Thank you Barry for all the support, encouragement and belief.




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