dear Barry

i would like to say thank you so much for your patience and effort towards my driving.i found the following particularly useful;

1] your emphasis on mirrors,not just for passing the driving test but for safe driving.they must be adjusted correctly and used effectively.

2]during the driving lessons,you frequently give clear and well timed directions using the road signs which makes independent driving even more obvious during the test.

3]you give clear feed back after every lesson giving the student a clear picture of what to work on. you point honest strengths and the weakness.

4]you would not take a student who is not ready for test . i found this phrase useful if you cant pass mock test with me most likely you cant pass test with examiner.

5]you are such an experienced driver and teacher and are more than willing to pass on your experience to your students who you thoroughly prepare before the test.

6]you offer a wide range of flexible driving times suitable for full time workers.

7]you motivate students Barry especially when it all seems speak positively.

thanks a lot Barry

miss a n mbazira

passed tolworth test center 4/11/2014

miss a n mbazira testimonial, miss a n mbazira testimonial
miss a n mbazira testimonial

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