If you want to pass your test, Barry is the man to help you.

I passed my test 3 years ago, of course my instructor was Barry. When my girlfriend wanted to start learning to drive, she had only one choice, Barry. I would not even considered to recommend her to go any other way as i knew Barry was the perfect man for the job. The result? She passed first time after taking lessons with him!

I remember from when i was a learner, Barry helped me understand what driving is all about. he is highly professional, very consistent and extremely helpful. Also, with Barry, you feel like having a friend, he is funny, caring and has the ability to make you feel very pleasant when on lessons with him.

I owe my last 3 years to him, as I have a job that involves 5-6 hours driving per day, and because of his teachings, I am a confident safe driver without a single incident since I passed my test.

So if you are here and reading this, look no further, you found the perfect driving instructor and that is Barry.

Thanks Barry!

mr mike

Passed at Tolworth

mike, passed at tolworth practical test centre
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