I am so glad I took the lessons with Barry! A friend recommended him to me and I am so pleased she did!

I had been driving for 6 years before I came to England 4 years ago, and since then I have stopped driving as I was so scared of driving on the other side of the road!

As I was offered a new job 50 miles away from where I leave and as there was no public transport going there I had not chance but to get a car but I was so terrified of driving in here! Then I took courage and decided to take some lessons with Barry. Thank God I did it! He is so patient and also a good fun! He knows everything about driving and can help you with any matter. He will find the best way to make you understand things even if your first language is not English, to note: he had to start from the basics with me “this is the gear, this is the signal” hahahaha!

Not only I got my confidence back but he taught me some fundamental rules that nobody had taught me when I got my licence!

We did a bit of everything and even went on the motorway which was my big terror as I had never seen one in my life!

Thanks to Barry I am much more confident with my driving now and have a better knowledge of the highway code so I STRONGLY recommend him to anyone!



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