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At Bewise driving school, we pride ourselves on pupil feedback as we are confident their driving lesson experience with us is always positive and we create a learning environment that helps pupils to quickly develop into safe drivers for life . Please review our latest student comments below:

After trying 4 instructors and 2 previous unsuccessful attempts at the practical driving test a friend Who had no previous driving lessons told me he passed first time with Barry after 15 classes I took some lessons with Barry and passed the practical test first time with Him. He is a very good instructor, his technique and reiterative style of teaching helps you achieve you goal: He is like a personal trainer, i’ll Recommend him he’ll help you drive yourself to success literally


Passed at Sutton Practical driving test centre 1/10/2017

Mr femi


I had some refresher lessons with Barry after loosing my confidence driving on fast roads. I can’t emphasise enough how much Barry has helped me. He really focused on the areas that I needed experience in, gave clear instructions and feedback, and gave me confidence to practice between our lessons.


The thing that stood out most is how honest Barry was about driving. He taught me real skills about how to respond to other road users (why don’t other drivers indicate!!!), manoeuvre in heavy traffic and drive in the dark. I’ve come across other driving instructors who just teach the highway code – Barry teaches how drive safely and legally in the real world.


I now feel confident enough to go out on my own on motorways and dual carriageways. Thank you Barry – I’ll think of our lessons every time I drive to B&Q!

Mrs V 03/10/2017

Barry is a fantastic driving instructor, I only started with him back in May and already he helped me to pass my practical driving  test.He also helped my brother pass his test earlier on this year. I have also highly recommended Barry to friends who have started to learn with him as well. He has been fantastic from the beginning, he’s been supportive, enthusiastic and has helped me to gain my confidence. He always made time for me especially when coming close to my test. The knowledge his has and the passion to help his students pass is outstanding.


On the first lesson, Barry asked me when would you liked to have passed your test by with my reply being before September. Barry reply was encouraging explaining we can do it !! … I managed to go on and do this, from that belief on the first lesson and the encouragement he gave me throughout helped me to build my confidence and how great of a driving instructor he was.


Thank you Barry for all the support, encouragement and belief.




bewisedriving school,

I found that when being taught by Barry that I could overcome all of the worries that came with driving. The guidance was clear and practical, making them easy to understand. Feedback was constructive and always helped me improve, even on areas I was already confident in. Manoeuvres and driving on trickier roads were discussed and practice to a point where I no longer found them as daunting. By the time I got to test day, I was full of confidence and  passed.

I would recommend Barry and Be wise driving to anyone in a heartbeat.

Thank you for helping me pass!

Mr v