Off Road Driving

Under 17 years old and can’t wait to learn to drive?

Here at BeWise we offer young drivers the opportunity to get behind the wheel in a safe and controlled environment. Young drivers can start off road driving at age 15 on private land, without the need for a provisional license.

You can be assured that all lessons are fully insured with fully qualified DSA Approved instructors in dual controlled cars.
Great fun and excellent preparation for the roads, Off Road Training, is a great gift for a young driver.


  • No provisional license needed.
  • Without traffic to negotiate, it’s all about learning to control the car and the thrill and freedom to drive.
  • With the roads, such a busy intimating place, it’s safer to learn the basics on private land.
  • Ideal for nervous drivers, if you are not sure about learning to drive, then come and have a try on a quiet area.
  • Mastering the car controls will give you added confidence when you decide to take lessons on the road.
  • You will need fewer driving lessons when you reach 17 so you should PASS SOONER.
  • It’s fun and gives you a great head start.

What will you learn?

  • You will develop a strong understanding of a cars capabilities
  • You will improve your skill in handling the car, steering, gears, and so on.
  • You will gain confidence and have fun. All sessions will be delivered in an enjoyable and relaxed manner.


2 hours – 1 to 2 drivers.
Full day. (9-5) -Up to 3 Drivers.


This is a popular choice and great way to get behind the wheel and an Ideal Gift Experience.

This is available for up to 3 drivers. You can feed off your friends experience and help each other learn by spending the day having fun developing your driving skills. Each driver will get lots of practice but when you are not driving you will still be involved. There will be some fun tasks towards the end of the day when you can work as a team to achieve great results.

We can teach you:

  • The cockpit drill.
  • How to use ALL of the controls.
  • How to move off and stop smoothly and safely.
  • How to perform an emergency stop.
  • How to steer.
  • How to Change gear.
  • Skill development, for example moving off at an angle.
  • How to approach corners and Junctions.
  • How to Reverse.
  • How to Park.

What you will learn of course will depend on the length of the session. WE OFFER A PICK UP SERVICE FOR FULL DAY COURSES. Please call 07505 866 740 or contact us here at BeWise.