Failed your practical driving test

If you have failed your practical driving test   then Bewise driving school offers Refresher driving lessons  for all trained drivers . We will give you a honest assessment and clear instruction on your driving abilities and you will get a step by step guidance to passing your practical  driving test. mock tests are introduced to make you aware of any weak driving areas to practise.

We are honest in our assessment of your driving skills and will only provide accurate assessments  on your current ability.  We have many pupil recommendations and a lot of our work comes from recommendations. Give us a call and see for yourself. You will be very pleased with what you’ll learn on the very first driving lesson. We guarantee that you’ll be surprised by what you don’t know and how quickly your improve with only a few refresher driving lessons.

We’ll get you started in a quiet side road before moving on to the main roads such as  high street, 1 way system . we will do all manoeuvres and drive in all conditions  Your practical test will most likely be at a  practical driving Test Centre or  practical driving centre.

Get your Refresher Driving lessons from Bewisedriving school in Mitcham,Morden,Sutton,Wimbledon,Carshalton,Wallington,Banstead,Rosehill,Cheam,Epsom. We’ll take you through the process step-by-step and prepare you for your Practical Driving Test in the shortest time possible.

We also offer  pass-plus  6 hour course {can bring down your car insurance you need to check)

Refresher driving lessons for pupils who have passed and not driven in a while.

Motorway training.(passed your practical test would like to practise)

Passed your practical driving test in Europe  would like to practise on London roads.

Failed your practical driving  test, fed up need a fresh approach.

Practise your parking and reversing .

Nervous driver and need a bit more practise in busy traffic conditions.

Night driving.

Disqualified driver – need to pass fast extended practical test